Since the arrival of the dreaded Covid, just about 500 days ago, our live entertainment industry has just fallen off the edge of a cliff!! Thankfully now, thanks to an impressive vaccine roll-out, things are looking much more positive. We are staying optimistic and filling out dates for our Annual Irish tour in Nov / Dec 2021 and our Tour of Northern Ireland in Feb 2022 and are really looking forward to our 25th TRANQUILITY CRUISE in January

To keep you all in the loop as regards upcoming appearances, concerts, tours etc we have added this new section to our website. This is where to check on our plans for upcoming performances, hopefully at a venue near you!!


Just as soon as our Irish dates are confirmed we’ll post them right here and while we’re waiting for those dates here’s a definite entry  for your diaries……….

January 12th- 23rd, our TRANQUILITY CRUISE  

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