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The Lockdown Sessions


One of the casualties of the damned Covid19 has been live music.Faced with a complete lack of gigs the only route open to performers in order to stay in touch with fans is to have a presence online.For me that is very much like an old dog learning new tricks!?

Right now I should be in the recording studio and doing concerts with my fellow Derryman GEORGE HUTTON. In order to keep busy we decided to record a track separately, George in Derry me at my piano in Bray. I'd been thinking of which song to record when I had a light bulb moment!

Watching TV interviews of residents of a small care home I was struck by a very chirpy 90 year old lady with a big smile and a twinkle in her eye. When asked how things were in the place she replied,"Sure it's like home away from home". Bingo! I had a song of that title which I'd written some years ago for a PBS TV documentary about US service personnel stationed in N.Ireland during W.W.2. George and I got busy.

With so many gigging musicians out of work and struggling we decided that the proceeds should go to the Irish Music Industry Emergency Relief Fund. The track HOME AWAY FROM HOME will be available to download on i-Tunes and usual platforms on Monday 25th May, and there is a video trailer on my Twitter page. Your support would be much appreciated by myself and, indeed, by the entire community of Irish Musicians and performers.

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