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Difference between CBD & CBG Oils - 2022 Guide

All pets, especially dogs, provide emotional support to their owners. Emotional support animals can help the owner recover from a mental disorder as well as a physical disability by providing comfort. Some of the emotional support animal letter are hypoallergenic as they do not shed their fur at all or in a minimal amount, which reduces the risk of allergies in their owners. Many allergic organisms or even fungus stick to the animals’ fur, and if they do not shed their fur to release the allergies into the air, it can cause serious health problems for animals as well for humans.

Glaucoma in dogs

Many hypoallergenic ESA dogs are exposed to allergic diseases. Glaucoma is one of the common conditions reported through esa letter for housing. It is an eye disease that causes redness and pain in the dogs’ eyes. Some common symptoms of glaucoma include; dilated pupils, pain, cloudy eyes, redness, and vision loss. All these symptoms are very stressful for dogs, which results in behavioural changes such as aggression and barking.

Glaucoma in dogs has two types with different symptoms and effects. These are called the primary and secondary glaucoma. Primary glaucoma is a genetic condition, while secondary glaucoma is a result of an imbalance in the amount of eye fluid. Owners can detect the presence of glaucoma in their dogs when their dog does not want to interact, change in the sleeping pattern, lethargy, or low physical activity. The presence of glaucoma in dogs can significantly affect their abilities to provide emotional support for the owners, as this disease directly affects the nature and behaviour of ESA dogs. In such cases, even an ESA letter can be demanded by the owners of the places where dogs are not permitted. The letter exempts the pet owner from this rule.

CBD oil for treating glaucoma in dogs

Glaucoma is a very serious disease; if it is not detected in the early stages, it can become incurable and result in blindness. Many veterinarians recommend CBD oil to cure this eye disease in dogs; CBD is an organic element that is present in the cannabis plant. Pure CBD oils do not have any side effects for dogs, while low-quality CBD that contains some amount of contamination has fatal side effects. So it is very important to always check the originality of the CBD oil and be cautious about the quantity you give to your dog.

Usually, CBD oil has no effects like hyperactivity or dizziness. Sometimes, CBD is also derived from the marijuana plant or even hemp plant, but high-quality CBD has precisely balanced ingredients that prevent the dogs from having any adverse side effects.

Many vets are still unsure about the use of CBD oil for curing glaucoma in dogs due to the potential risks of this oil for dogs. One of the dangers of CBD is the disturbed stomach, which ultimately results in long-term health issues for the pet. Vets believe that these risks can be controlled only by using the appropriate amount of direct use of CBD oil or adding CBD in your pets’ food.


There is another type of oil that is used for animals' diseases, which are known as CGB. The uses of CBG vs. CBD have been under debate. CBD oil contains less cannabinoid as compared to CBG and acts indirectly in the brain of animals. On the other hand, CGB interacts directly with the brain. CDB is still considered to be a better option to cure glaucoma due to its extensive use and effectiveness. CGB has not been completely tested and used, due to which it is not recommended by many vets. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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